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Client Testimonials 


Vivian Johnson 

I purchased a mini french bulldog puppy from Micro Teacup Puppies Home and the experience was WONDERFUL!My little sweetie has an excellent temperament, and Micro Teacup Puppies Home are very concerned about welfare of their pups.They provided me with lots of information which was helpful for a first time puppy owner and answered all of my questions and responded to my numerous phone calls. He came with a puppy guide, shot records, and medical papers. I would highly recommend this seller to anyone, and would do business with them again
Paul L'armbet

Pamela Z Santos Cunillera 

One thing that I can say about this company is the customer service, it’s EXCELLENT AND BEYOND! I had nanny service to the Dominican Republic and it was great. The next day they called me to see if everything was good with the puppy. I am very grateful because my new puppy is beautiful, playful and charming.

Frank Hendrix 

We needed a healthy, gorgeous pup for an upcoming TV show, and after many weeks of research, we got a great pup from Micro Teacup Puppies Home.
The health and quality of the pup we got are excellent. Upon her arrival in LA, she was taken to the vet who said our Micro Teacup puppies home is the product of very good breeding. She is well socialized and comfortable around people, dogs, and cats. Her coat is thick and she turns heads wherever she goes.
We researched carefully and found many complaints about teacup puppy providers who sell pups that are unhealthy or grow to be standard size, not a teacup. We also learned that some teacup puppy sites mislead by showing a business license that has expired.
We did our homework to make sure Micro Teacup Puppies Home was an honest and legit business. Their customer service is stellar – they gave us expert advice every step of the way. We would recommend Micro Teacup Puppies Home to anyone wanting a true teacup pup that is healthy and gorgeous.

Ana Maria  Lana 

Amazing teacup puppies! Special orders promptly provided. Awesome owner/ client relationship. Safe worldwide delivery with the best nannies.

Nuwwara H. 

I recently discovered them on google, while I searched online for a micro teacup puppy. I found a lot of spam accounts selling dogs for 500-1000. Then I found company’s charging outrageous prices 6k-10k per puppy. Until I found Micro Teacup puppies Home, their puppies are adorable And priced very fair to the type of breed.
We instantly fell in love with several but we picked a girl and contacted them immediately. They were so quick to respond and explain the entire process over text and phone. They were so easy and helpful we got the process going and welcomed our new micro teacup poodle in less than 10 days. I explained that I needed it before my daughters birthday and he was eager to arrange the arrival to ensure I would get her for the party. He wouldn’t even take my payment until he was sure he could get me the puppy in time. That was a very comforting feeling knowing he wasn’t eager to take my money even if this could not work. As soon as we got the green light, it was smooth sailing from there. When I first got my puppy, Zoe, I couldn’t believe my eyes I started tearing up that she was, in fact, real, and all ours.
If you are looking for a very small and extremely adorable and unique dog this is the place to go. Don’t hesitate.I have done my research and this was the best decision.

Ashley Hill 

I just bought a teacup Pomeranian literally just picked him up from the airport an hour ago (09/11/19 2:30 AM) from the breeder at Micro Teacup puppies Home, me and my husband both are beyond happy and VERY VERY pleased with the quality of the puppy, he is GORGEOUS!!
I was so nervous b/c of the price you pay for such an expensive puppy you never know what you’ll get from  the OWNER, but I can say in the past I bought a puppy from another breeder “RolleyTeacup Puppies” BUT “Micro Teacup Puppies Home” BY FAR has them beat on quality and most of all customer service skills, He went out of his way to do everything I asked him to, he always was so nice about sending me updates pics, videos etc of him, he really went out of his way, I am very impressed and I will never buy from another breeder again!!!
Thank you so much for everything, we are excited to have our new edition to the family!!!!

Larissa Gonzalez 

The best puppy service ever! Amazing personalized treatment and beautiful high-quality puppies! HE'S very nice and his service is something you can’t find anywhere else! Highly highly recommend!

Laura Mercado

Healthy and playful toy-size pups! We love our Pomeranian thank you Micro Teacup Puppies Home!!

Daniela Montano 

I bought my puppy from MICRO TEACUP puppies Home about two months ago and I have to say their the best! From the moment I messaged them to now currently they’ve been great in providing with information about the puppies they have. And when I decided to buy my puppy all my questions and concerns were well addressed, I love that I know I can count on them when it comes to my puppy. And I love Micro Teacup puppies cause I know I can trust them and thanks to them I have my little baby.

Ken Keller 

Hi. We are extremely pleased with the service that we received from the owner of Micro Teacup Puppies. Com. This guys were very professional, and oh so patient with all our questions, they guided us through every step of our purchase. We will highly recommend this business to an anyone, no person is more concerned or caring about their puppies. In the event of being in a position in the future of acquiring another puppy, we will only consider MICRO TEACUP puppies. Com. Thank you ever so much, we love our little poodle bundle of joy...Ken &Nicole KELLER.Tucson Az .




"Welcome to Micro Teacup Puppies Home . We are a small kennel and have been breeding Tea cup poodles, Maltese, Yorkies, Pomeranian, Chihuahua for over 15 years. We are a recognized AKC breeder in good standing and are proud to spread our puppies genetics worldwide". Read More About Us

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